Herbal Natural Drink

The relaxtion beverage has a lightly carbonated green apple flavour. It contains a combination of Valerian Root and Jasmine, Calcium, Magnesium and Stevia.

Herbal Natural Drink can be enjoyed by everyone without any compromise!

So, have a sip of Herbal Natural Drink and blow off the steam!

Our Natural & Herbal Ingredients

herbal natural drink australia


According to studies Valerian reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleeping quality. Valerian Root is well known by the general public and physicians for its sedative effect and anti-anxeity potenial.

herbal natural drink australia


Jasmine has been known since ancient times as the “Queen of Flowers.” Although, is more than just a pretty flower with a delightful aroma, it also provides remarkable health benefits. Relieves stress, antibacterial qualities, treats insomnia, regulates circulation and sedative effect.

herbal natural drink australia


Stevia is a herb, that produces naturally sweet leaves. The sweet compounds are extracted from the leaves.

herbal natural drink australia
herbal natural drink australia

In the development of Herbal Natural Drink, we strove to create a drink that can be enjoyed by everyone!

herbal natural drink australia

Herbal Natural Drink with natural calming ingredients!

herbal natural drink australia

No matter how busy your day is give yourself time to unwind with Herbal Natural Drink Magic!


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